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New Miele DGC HydroClean Pro Combination Steam Oven

1st December 2023

Most users do not clean their appliance after each use, causing the interior to be tarnished by burnt-on food residue over time.  With the introduction of the new HydroClean feature, cleaning has never been easier. 

Please contact us for more details. 

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A thorough clean automatically

The foam produced by mixing water with Miele’s innovative HydroCleaner soaks into food residues to remove them from the surfaces of the oven compartment. Even stubborn soiling is removed with ease, saving you the effort of scrubbing and leaving your oven compartment spotlessly clean.



A perfect view at all levels

High-quality LED spotlights ensure that the oven compartment is perfectly illuminated across multiple levels, giving you the best view of your food from any angle.

3-in-1 Principle

3-in-1 principle

Everything in one appliance

The 3-in-1 principle provides three cooking modes in one appliance: Over, Steam, Combination. This means you can prepare delicious dishes even if your kitchen space is limited.

Combination Cooking

Combination Cooking

Moisture & Dry Heat: the ideal combination

Flexibility for best baking and roasting results: combine humidity and dry heat as you wish. You can adjust both the temperature (30 °C to 225 °C) and moisture content (0 % to 100 %) in combination mode.

News - Miele DGC HydroClean Pro Launch: Features
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