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Miele T1 Tumble Dryers

New Miele T1 Tumble Dryers

15th September 2022

Miele now offers the most energy efficient range of laundry care on the market with the new T1 and GreenPerformance models. Contact us for more details. 

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New - DryCare 40

The new DryCare 40 extra makes it even easier to care for your laundry. This allows all garments* washable at 40°C to be also tumble-dried. The air temperature is reduced to ensure that delicate items in the load are not damaged.
*Not suitable for woollens and silks

New – HygieneDry

The HygieneDry drying level reliably removes 99.99% of all bacteria from your laundry during the drying stage. This is achieved thanks to the long temperature holding times. HygieneDry is suitable for textiles with two dots on the wash-care label.


The new Miele dryers are particularly quiet on account of their special drum design. Insulating strips attached to the drum noticeably reduce noise caused by buttons and zips.

New – PowerFresh

The new PowerFresh reduces odours even better by using steam. It is applicable for dry or damp textiles. The freshening up effects unfolds its full potential in combination with the DryFresh flacon, which additionally neutralizes odours.

New Heat Pump Module

An innovative manufacturing process (MuCell technology) saves up to 30% of material in plastic production. To protect the environment, the new heat pump module involves the use of a larger proportion of recycled materials.

Complimentary Dryer Basket

(On Prestige model)
TRK 555 dryer basket is specifically developed for Miele appliances to ensure the gentlest treatment of delicate textiles. Whether it's sports shoes, kiddies' boots, small woollen items or cuddly toys, the dryer basket is versatile in use and a coveted accessory. The Prestige units will include a voucher for redemption in the webshop.

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